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For the majority of homeowners, their property is their greatest asset. If you have owned a property for ten years or more or already paid off your mortgage, you have most likely accumulated a large amount of equity. So it makes sense that many people look to use the equity that is tied up in … ...Read More
There are many reasons that someone would choose to release equity from their property. It could be to fund home improvements, pay off debts, fund college or university fees, or start a business. You may also be at a stage of life when you want to release equity to fund your retirement. Source – @sonance … ...Read More
Household bills are one of the biggest costs for any adult in the UK. Think about how much money you spend on your gas and electricity, TV, phone and broadband, and other subscription services. Not to mention your mortgage. The answer is likely to be £100’s or into the £1000’s of pounds. Because of this, … ...Read More
Your credit score is essentially your creditworthiness used by lenders to assess the risk of lending you money. Whether it is for a mortgage, loan or credit card, having a good credit score can significantly improve your chances of being accepted for the best deals and rates available. While any lender will be most interested … ...Read More
If you are a parent or are about to become one, you may be wondering if having life insurance is something you should consider. Significant life events such as moving or becoming a parent tend to make us think about what we should be doing to protect our family. With so many other outgoings every … ...Read More
When we are young and in good health, life insurance tends to be something we are aware of and imagine we might need in the future. Many people don’t see it as a priority until something happens in life that makes you think about the future and what will happen if something was to happen … ...Read More
There’s no doubt that a life insurance policy can provide valuable protection for your family and give you the reassurances the people you love most are looked after if you die. However, there are several factors that can affect the price and level of cover you will be offered. Some of these factors are outside … ...Read More
When you become a parent, you suddenly gain a responsibility like no other. Not only are you responsible for yourself but now you are also responsible for a small person who depends on you for everything. It’s a journey that is exciting and scary in equal measures, and you are likely to have a huge … ...Read More
Buying a house is the biggest financial purchase we are likely to make in our lifetime. Whether you are buying your first home or moving to accommodate a growing family, there are many things to consider. From finding the right property to securing a mortgage and all the associated financial products and making sure you … ...Read More
For many, planning for their death is not the most exciting thing to do. However, this is a crucial step in modern times as there are plenty of critical decisions that need to be made. A few of the examples include beneficiaries for your accounts, power of attorney appointments, and death planning. The need for … ...Read More