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A will is a legal document that puts across a person’s wishes on how they would want their property distributed and how care should be accorded to minor children upon their death. It can also spell out conditions on how the wealth or property should be spent. It is meant to guide your heirs on … ...Read More
The decision to write your own will requires a lot of courage, knowledge, commitment, and being thoughtful. You have to research widely and consult wisely and make sure you are making the right decision. In fact, ‘can you write your own will? – is a topic that has been widely debated a lot. Many people … ...Read More
Strictly speaking, you don’t need a life insurance policy for a mortgage. It is not required by law in the United Kingdom. But, still, a lot of us who take out a mortgage also take out life insurance. We will discuss the benefits of taking out life insurance when you take out a mortgage or … ...Read More
No one wants to talk about death or is ready for the death of a family member, friend, or colleague. Death can occur suddenly due to a pandemic an injury, suicide, accident, or murder. It can also be expected, from old age, or from an incurable illness such as cancer. Losing someone you love no … ...Read More
When the life of a loved one has come to an end, its time to lay the remains to rest with respect and dignity. Many people opt for cremation which is cheaper and more efficient than burial. It also gives you more options in terms of where you choose to be the deceased person’s final … ...Read More
Financially planning for the future is always a good idea. When it comes down to it, the insurance market is swamped by a plethora of products that you may feel you ‘have to have’. However, no matter what the salesperson says, it comes down to choosing the product which is right for you. In this … ...Read More
The loss of a near and dear one creates a void in our lives and leaves us overwhelmed with emotions when we reminisce about the memories made with that person. We understand that you are weighed down by grief due to the personal loss you have suffered but you have to arrange a funeral for … ...Read More
The cost of funerals in the UK has been on the increase for some time now. It is no longer cheap to bury or even cremate a loved one. It is a stressful time for all of the family, and it is often tempting to contact a funeral director and let the funeral service take … ...Read More
The notoriously prude UK public is starting to lighten up a little. Death is not something that we’ve been comfortable talking about, but this is changing. The UK seems to have gone a bit American and we are beginning to see funerals as ‘end of life celebrations’ as our friends across the pond call them … ...Read More
Funerals are the oldest ceremonies know on earth. Since ancient times, every culture had a unique way of celebrating their loved ones. The beliefs determined the type of funeral one would get. Even in the modern world, funerals are big business, and many institutions provide funeral services. Every funeral is influenced by the religious and … ...Read More