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How does it work
Health Insurance
What is health insurance?

Health insurance offers access to healthcare services that wouldn’t be accessible usually and would have a fee associated with the service. The insurance is there to cover these fees as long as the agreed monthly premium (payment) is kept to.

The insurance can be used to cover the fees of private healthcare practitioners such as dentists, specialist consultants, optical treatments and a range of other healthcare-related services. To find out what is covered speak to a qualified expert.

Why might I need health insurance?

If you want to ensure that fees are covered for your health care requirements – especially for some of the more expensive procedures like operations. Having adequate health insurance cover will ensure that these costs are covered.
If you want to have access to services outside the NHS remit, whether that’s specialist consultants or confidence that you will be treated quickly – having access to private practitioners provides peace of mind.

How does health insurance work?

You make your monthly payments, and when you require diagnoses and treatment with a private healthcare service your premiums will ensure that you have access to the funds required to cover the cost.

How we work

1. Complete our simple online form honestly.
1. Complete our simple online form honestly.

Be ready for a call right after sending. During normal working hours, our partners will get back to you within 15 minutes. If you submit outside of normal working hours, you will be called back the following day.

2. Talk to our recommended qualified UK-based advisor.
2. Talk to our recommended qualified UK-based advisor.

Our partners’ FCA-qualified advisor will discuss your needs, talk you through your policy and answer any questions you might have to create your quote.

3. Select your health insurance policy tailored to your specific needs.
3. Select your health insurance policy tailored to your specific needs.

Choose from a shortlist of health insurance plans prepared exclusively for you.

Product key benefits

Faster access to healthcare

If you have an issue that needs attending to, make sure that you have access to facilities that can put you first and give you the attention you require.

Better treatment environment

With more space and fewer patients, the facilities are greater equipped for making your time within their services as comfortable as possible

Cover for the necessities

Health insurance can ensure that you aren’t paying out for treatments & diagnoses that are more frequent than most, such as dental care, opticians and physiotherapy.

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How We Work With The IFA

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We do not provide advice, we connect you with the best provider and receive a commission based on the introduction.We specialise in making the process of receiving professional advice and custom quotes as easy as possible.

22% of UK adults now have private healthcare* -

53% of the UK would pay for healthcare* -

Those with insurance save 32% on average* - As of June 23, savings provided by Health Care Clarity to customers who already have insurance

44% say they go private due to NHS wait times* -


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